Respawn is the alumni association of TSEA Link. The goal of the association is to offer a platform to former members of Link for social interaction. Respawn will offer a variety of events like network drinks and gaming events.

Logo of Respawn


Respawn organizes events & drinks for you to socialize with your friends.


Connect with former Link members as a way to expand your professional network.


Part of your contribution will support the growth of TSEA Link, the association we all love very much.

Logo of TSEA Link


TSEA Link is the student e-sports association of Tilburg, aiming to create a platform for E-sports whether it is casual or competitive. Link is creating a positive social environment in which students can share their love and passion in playing games. They facilitate this by organizing social, casual, competitive and academic events.

Join us!

You have to be an existing or ex-TSEA Link member to join Respawn.