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Our annual membership contribution is €30,- and you will be billed once a year, automatically. Of this amount, €5 is automatically donated to TSEA Link.

Still a student and not an (ex-)member of Link? You can join TSEA Link on their website.
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TSEA Link Transition Period

Respawn will offer one transition year to all members that had to cancel their membership at TSEA Link because they are no longer students. This means that Respawn members can stay in Link chats, go to events and join teams and committees within Link for one additional year. Please note that when teams and committees have enough members, students will be prioritized. You can only choose for the transition period if it is directly after your membership at Link.

This transition year will start after your membership at Link stops. When signing up for Respawn you can indicate if you want to make use of this transition year. If you choose to opt in to the transition period, you will pay both the Link contribution (€27,50) and a discounted Respawn contribution (€12,50) for your first year. After your first year you will only pay the contribution of Respawn (€30).

More questions about the transition period? Contact us via [email protected].

Terms and Contions for collection of the membership fee

By accepting the terms and conditions, you give Respawn permission to send collection orders to your bank account for collection of the membership fee in accordance with the order from Respawn.
If you disagree with the collection of the membership fee, you can revoke the payment within 8 weeks of the initial collection order.
Your unique authorization will be sent to you as soon as the sign up has been completed successfully.

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